Personal Involvement of Principal.
Brian Higginbottom is personally involved in every consulting assignment and takes "ownership" and personal responsibility for managing each project and ensuring client satisfaction. Personal chemistry is important in the consulting business. It is essential that the client and the clients' team, as well as the consultant are mutually comfortable with the personalities, styles and capabilities of each other if a successful and satisfying working relationship is to develop. By dealing with an independent consultant, who participates personally in every assignment, both client and consultant can measure these issues during the interviewing and selection phase thus maximising the probability of constructive working relationships and a successful outcome.

Broad Experience Base.
We have experience with many types of polymer-based businesses, from very small manufacturing businesses (Up to $5M revenue; 20 to 50 employees) through mid-sized companies (up to $100M revenue and several hundred employees) up to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. As a result, we are able to interface well at all levels of client interaction from the factory floor to the executive office. Through the personal involvement of the principal in all projects and, when necessary, the involvement of experienced partners or associates, we offer hands-on experience with a wide range of polymers from thermoplastics, thermosets and cast polymer systems. In particular, we have an exceptional depth of soft-polymer processing and manufacturing experience in liquid silicone rubber (LSR), liquid injection molding (LIM), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), elastomeric gel (EG) materials and rubber keypad production.

Cost Efficient Problem Solving.
Once retained we can immediately bring a laser like focus on your problem. We are undiluted by normal daily requirements of managing and running a growing business which often prevents the clients' own personnel, even if they possess the necessary technical knowledge and skills, from effectively working the problem themselves. Furthermore, since we are generally retained on a problem-specific basis, we are able to bring broad-based seasoned technical and business experience, new perspectives and problem solving skills into your organization only when most needed and on a very cost-efficient basis.

Knowledge and Skill Transfer to Client Personnel.
Wherever possible, the goal of all Crinnis consulting projects is to not only assist in providing solutions to the immediate problem,but to ensure that on completion of the assignment, the clients' own "internal team" will have gained sufficient understanding and training to handle similar problems in the future without the need for outside consulting help.

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