Product, Process and Business Troubleshooting
Specific Examples of Services and Projects

  • Process troubleshooting and machine operator/engineer training program for silicone molding department of a medical device manufacturer. Increased machine output by 30% and reduced scrap from 27% to 5%. Prepared troubleshooting guide for liquid silicone molding (both product and process problems) as part of an operator and engineer training program. Introduced client to new tooling sources. Recommended improved protocols for successful, efficient introduction of new manufacturing processes.
  • Redesigned the manufacturing process for elastomeric surgical clamp-facings for a major U.S. based Medical device manufacturer. Resulted in (i) increasing plant throughput threefold without need for additional capital spending. (ii) 30% reduction in direct and indirect labor (iii) increased product uniformity and customer acceptance.
  • Developed continuous processes for (a) extrusion of thin-walled elastic (TPE) tubing, (b) extrusion coating/trimming of narrow web woven and stretchable tapes.
  • Implemented a 35% yield improvement program and profitable turnaround of a continuous cast acrylic sheet manufacturer. Achieved through technical and production scheduling changes and personnel reassignments.

Manufacturing Start-Up,Turn-Key Processing, Technology Transfer
Specific Examples of Services and Projects

  • Developed Turn Key manufacturing systems (including formulation development, process equipment design and installation) for broad range of Elastomer Gel Products for medical, consumer and packaging applications.
  • Developed stretchable, elastic paint and flexible coating formulations for surface decoration, surface protection, barrier coating or increased abuse resistance for soft elastomer gels. We usually can match precisely the elongation characteristics of the paints with those of the underlying elastomer gel to eliminate wrinkling and de-lamination of the finished product under stress.
  • Optimized surface tack characteristics of hot-melt elastomer gels to maximize bond strengths to various laminating films and fabrics.
  • Designed, manufactured, installed and optimized a flexible, low labor content, open-pour casting system for hot-melt casting of gels. This system, even when intentionally operated at only 50% of design throughput, resulted in a 30% reduction in labor and produced more product in one ten-hour shift, than the customer produced per month with the old manufacturing system.
  • Developed a simple hot-melt casting system for production of coated substrates and/or thin elastic sheet (0.020 to 0.0125 in.guage) up to 36 in width.
  • Developed continuous in-line fast melters taking room temperature feed to 350°F temperature in one minute or less to feed hot-melt pumping reservoirs for open-pour casting, closed-mold processing, melt dipping or spraying, or continuous sheet casting. These melting systems significantly reduce polymer degradation, discoloration, and odor build-up often associated with more traditional batch tank melting equipment. common in open-pour melt casting applications.
  • Start up and operation of a U.S. based, ISO 9002 certified, manufacturing plant for L.I.M. Silicone keypads, seals and gaskets serving automotive, telecommunications, avionics, and medical device markets.This plant consistently achieved the highest gross margins of any plant within the manufacturing group.
  • Transfer and implement all necessary technologies for manufacturing data entry devices, membrane switches and front panel displays from U.S. parent company to U.K. subsidiary.
  • Transfer Turn-key Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding processes (including post mold decorating, adhesive bonding and overmolding of plastic, metal and other substrates.) Developed training programs for employees assuming responsibility for newly transferred processes.

  • Set up Liquid Silicone Molding (LSM) Test Center for leading U.S. Mold Maker. Specified, installed integrated and proved out equipment. Trained key employees in L.I.M. processing/troubleshooting techniques.


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