Brian Higginbottom is the President of Crinnis and has an unusually broad experience in Research, Manufacturing, Market Development and General Management of polymer-based businesses, both in the U.S. and in Europe.In addition to consulting activities, he has had extensive entrepreneurial experience in start-up situations, as well as in turnaround situations and the successful management of established businesses.

He began his career as a laboratory technician in the leather tanning industry in the U.K., progressing to Assistant Chemist in a major U.K. textile finishing company. During this time, he studied part time day and evening classes in Chemistry and was awarded the first Perkin Centenary Scholarship after National competition, which enabled him to study full time at Loughborough Technical University. After graduating with a B.S. First Class honors in Chemistry at Loughborough, he taught chemistry at University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology while working for a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

His U.S. business career began with Shell Chemical Company, leading an application development team working with KRATON Thermoplastic Elastomers. Subsequent career experience included V.P. Operations- Swedlow Corporation, responsible for a successful turnaround of manufacturing operations in their continuous cast Acrylic Sheet Division; Managing Director of Duralith U.K., responsible for turnaround of Duralith's U.K. business prior to its acquisition by Lucas P.L.C.; Founder and President of Elastomerix Inc., U.S. manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads,seals,gaskets, and other silicone products using liquid silicone molding exclusively. He formed Crinnis Corporation to focus on consulting and business development activities in elastomeric materials, especially in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding , soft-polymer products and elastomeric gel materials. In addition to general management and successful turnaround activities, he has personally developed many unique innovative manufacturing techniques involving elastomeric materials and systems.

Today he focuses, through Crinnis, on sharing his know-how and experience to help polymer-based businesses become more efficient, start up new manufacturing operations and implement new soft polymer technologies from which to grow their businesses.


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