Crinnis helps manufacturing companies develop practical solutions to their technical and manufacturing problems. We work primarily with companies utilising plastics, elastomers and other polymers to manufacture finished products for commercial, industrial and military markets and where our broad experience in all phases of Manufacturing Operations, R&D, Product and Process Development, Market Development and General Management can be most valuable to our clients.

Primary Services

  • Soft-Polymer materials and equipment
  • Product and Process Troubleshooting
  • Manufacturing Start-up and Support
  • Process, Product and Manufacturing Development
  • Technology Transfer and Assessment
  • Business Improvement and Troubleshooting

Technical Consulting
We are soft-polymer specialists with a major focus on two primary areas of expertise. One area is in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and liquid injection molding (LIM) of silicone rubber. It is based on many years of successful involvement with both technical and business issues of liquid silicone materials, liquid silicone equipment and tooling, manufacturing start-up and operations, and application development for liquid silicones.

The second and growing area of focus is on the formulation, processing and design of manufacturing systems for soft-polymer materials and elastomer gels. We have extensive experience in the formulation and processing of elastomeric gels including the design and manufacture of turn-key molding systems for hot melt soft polymer materials and gels as well as thermoset reactive polyurethane gels.

In all of these areas, we offer unbiased recommendations on equipment, tooling,or material selection. We have assisted many clients in developing soft polymer materials, products and processes based on vinyl polymers, TPE’s, and cast polyurethane gels. These systems range from Ultra Soft (Shore A “000”) , Soft (Shore A “00”) up to more conventional 20-30 Shore A materials. We have also developed processing systems for thin-sheet hot-melt casting, hot-melt coating and hot-melt open-pour casting/molding as well as reactive processing/pouring of urethane gels. We also provide turnaround help, manufacturing start-up assistance on the factory floor, urgent resolution of scrap or yield problems, or help in product-, process-, or manufacturing- development programs. Our disciplined approach to problem solving is based on seasoned, practical perspectives. It can quickly generate cost-effective solutions to problems, improving overall performance and bottom-line contribution.

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